About Us

Donna Sims is an entrepreneur, blogger, author, marketer and speaker and work with personal brands and business to optimize their online personal and company brands with emerging technologies, content, social media technologies and digital marketing.

This blog idigibuzz.com is about all things to do with entrepreneurship, social media, content marketing and digital.

The website’s goal is to Inspire and educate people to win at business and life in a digital world. She also manages other blog sites to help people in the digital business.

Donna has spent most of her career involved with information technologies, telecommunications, and the web. This is her opportunity to help people understand the person behind this business.

She is a wife and a mother and she loves to bake. She accidentally becomes a marketer who, having never started his own business, is now living the dream. Her experiences as a wife resulted in a truly grateful online career, and she is forever changed by it.